Action Refund Review 2020 – The Best Chargeback Company Out There? Let’s Find Out

Dec 13, 2020
action refund review

Action Refund is a fund recovery company that helps online financial fraud victims get their money back. Our Action Refund review found the company to be professional, reliable, and also transparent. We strongly recommend their fund recovery services to anyone who has become a victim of online fraud. Their methods are highly effective, and also their excellent communication makes things a breeze for their clients.

Reputation – 5/5

During our Action Refund Review, we found this company to be a cut above its competitors. They are able to help people in many jurisdictions, and also they’re fully GDPR compliant. The company has undergone rigorous external reviews from financial institutions. All of these reviews have shown Action Refund to meet the highest standards of conduct. The company has demonstrated its integrity by increasing service contracts from three months to six months during the COVID-19 crisis.

Credentials – 5/5

Action Refund has a strong and capable team with credentials across many different domains. Their years of combined experience allow them to handle even the most sophisticated forms of fraud. The team’s backgrounds range from former IDF cyber-security, accounting and banking experts, all of them are industry leaders. We found their entire team to be consummately professional from the very first call.

Public Opinion – 5/5

We scoured past client reviews and feedback and have found very high praise for Action Refund. Former clients say that the company is always professional and expedient in their service. They all say that they felt secure trusting their cases to the experienced team at Action Refund. Above all, past clients all love that Action Refund was able to recover their funds successfully.

Transparency – 5/5

Transparency is the main selling point touted by the company, and our Action Refund review has found their claims to be 100 percent true. Every step of the process is entirely open, and many online reviews are attesting to this fact. Their team is very communicative and doesn’t leave out any essential details. They explain every step openly and are committed to the highest standards of transparency.

Success Rate – 5/5

We found Action Refund to have a genuinely stellar success rate. It’s clear that they really know what they’re doing and have developed methods that other fund recovery services haven’t. It must be their experienced multi-disciplinary team of experts that brings Action Refund such success. Their success rate is also helped by the fact that they don’t string along with clients with unlikely to win cases. From the very start, they’re incredibly open about their clients’ chances of a successful recovery. They only proceed with claims that they know can lead to a refund.

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Services Offered by Action Refund

Action Refund specializes in the recovery of funds lost to online investment fraud. These scams have been growing on the internet for some time now. There have never been more victims of online investment scams. Action Refund helps victims of a wide variety of scams. The bulk of their clients are the victims of scams involving forex, contracts for differences, and binary options.

These three assets are the most commonly chosen bait among internet scammers. Forex and CFDs promise incredibly high returns. Often experienced brokers do make high returns on these assets with legitimate brokers. Binary options are illegal in most jurisdictions. They promise high returns through an oversimplified investing scheme. Traders believe they’re making sure thing investments, only to wind up losing everything.

Action Refund retrieves the funds of traders who invested in these scams. Many brokers do not allow traders to make withdrawals, pretending that there are technical or verification issues. Action Refund has methods to recover those funds. Other brokers simply disappear after the trader has made a deposit, completely vanishing from the internet. Action Refund can track down brokers like this and start the refund process.

How Does the Action Refund Process Work?

First Step – A Free Consultation

During our Action Refund review, we found it incredibly easy to start the fund recovery process with this company. The first step is their free consultation. This consultation is entirely free and doesn’t present any obligation for the client at this stage. Clients give a representative some details about their situation, like which broker scammed them, how much they’ve lost, and when. From these details, Action Refund determines if that client’s case is likely to end in a refund. The best thing we found about this company is that they don’t waste time on hopeless cases. They will tell you frankly whether or not you have a chance of retrieving your funds.

Second Step – Gathering Information

If the company does believe your case has merit, they move onto their discovery phase. They ask the client for a few specific documents that will help them recover your funds. We found this step to be painless and easy. The documents they ask for are easy to find, usually things like bank statements or payment processor receipts. Records from within the trading platform you invested with are also beneficial and could be requested. They don’t waste time by asking for a big list of general documents. They only ask for the specific documents needed in your case.

Third Step – Recovering Their Client’s Funds

Once Action Refund has the documents, they quickly get to work recovering their client’s funds. We found them to be very transparent during this stage. They explain exactly what methods they’re using to recover your funds. They could initiate a chargeback through the bank or payment processor used to make the initial deposit. Their team also tracks down brokers and confronts them. Often scammers cave under the slightest bit of pressure, especially if a company like Action Refund has found their true identities.

Overall, the entire process from start to finish is straightforward from the point of view of the client. Once they hand their case over to Action Refund, their worries are over, and they can trust in the professionals to get the job done.

The Final Word on Action Refund

It’s exceedingly rare to find a trustworthy company online these days, but our Action Refund review has found one. Their past clients all say that the company is flawlessly professional and very efficient in their work. In conclusion, we found the company’s operations to be completely open and transparent. We also give the highest recommendation that you can put your trust in Action Refund.

Where is Action Refund based?

Action Refund is a company based in Israel. The goal of the company is to retrieve the money lost in online scams.

Can I trust Action Refund?

So far, Action Refund proved that it’s a trustable company, with many positive reviews of their clients, and proved results behind them. Yes, you can trust this company.