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Titan Fund Recovery Review – More Options to Help More Victims Recover Their Money

Jun 16, 2021
Titan Fund Recovery Review

Titan Fund Recovery is a chargeback company operating out of Dorset, England. They help clients from around the world recover money from a variety of online scams. Unfortunately, these scams have become more common, so your Titan Fund Recovery evaluates the company to see if they really can help those victims.

Overall, the company shows significant professionalism and transparency during every case they handle. Our impression is that their service is some of the best in the business, with knowledgeable and courteous service from their representatives every step of the way.

Titan Fund Recovery’s Services

During our Titan Fund Recovery review, we examined each of their many services individually. They seem to be more versatile than most other chargeback companies. Like the other companies, they start with a consultation to see if their services can help the client. However, they offer a wider variety of services to help more people than the other companies.

Service Chargebacks

While there is a strong focus on online scams, the team there handles chargebacks of all kinds. This includes service chargebacks, where you have enlisted someone to provide a service, and they haven’t delivered. With their extensive knowledge of how chargebacks work, the team at Titan Fund Recovery makes sure that your chargeback is filed correctly to maximize the chance of success.

Fraud Related Chargebacks

This is the service that most victims of online investment scams require. Company can issue chargebacks in cases of fraud, where some deception has occurred to take funds from the victim. This includes instances where investors deposit funds and are then unable to make any withdrawals. Scam brokerages, for example, HashTrade, Orbex or ProfitsTrade, use this tactic all the time, and a chargeback is often the best solution.

Wire Recalls

Chargebacks are an effective tool for recovering funds lost through payments from a bank, credit card, or other payment processors. However, they aren’t the correct method for recovering funds that were sent via wire transfer. This is a much more complex task that Titan Fund Recovery handles through their team’s experience in law and banking. Enlisting professional help is the only viable option for victims to recover money lost through a wire transfer.

Credit and Debit Card Disputes

During our review, we found their team to be able to handle a wide variety of credit and debit card disputes. Their banking and payment processing expertise allow them to quickly resolve any issues that clients can’t handle on their own. In addition, the insider knowledge on what to ask for and what information is required makes any dispute go so much smoother and faster.

Private Investigation Services

The team at Titan Fund Recovery includes experts in both law and cybersecurity. These two areas allow them to investigate online fraud incidents. They have significant expertise in tracking down anonymous scammers to file the proper complaints with regulatory bodies and other authorities. Their investigative skill brings them an incredibly high success rate of recovering funds stolen by online investment scams.

Titan Fund Recovery Service

Titan Fund Recovery Review – Exceptional Service

Dealing with Titan Fund Recovery was a pleasant and straightforward process. We found all of their representatives to be knowledgeable and helpful. They knew exactly which questions to ask to get the information they need for the case.

The company really shines in terms of customer service. Unlike most other chargeback companies, local clients can meet with Titan Fund Recovery at their office in England. For international clients, they offer customer support through phone, email, and online chat. They also have convenient hours, from 8 am to 7 pm in local time.

Titan Fund Recovery Fights Against Online Scams

The company was initially founded to give victims a way to fight back against online scams. These scams affect countless victims globally, with scammers often getting away without any consequences. The professional team at Titan Fund Recovery helps their clients catch as many scammers as possible. They help recover funds from a variety of different online scams.

Online Investment Scams

Due to the prevalence of these scams online, most cases that Titan Fund Recovery handles are online investment scams. These are typically scams that offer clients the chance to invest in forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, or binary options. Unfortunately, when clients invest with these scam brokerages, they find themselves unable to withdraw any funds.

Scammers lure their victims with attractive investment terms. These investments typically carry spreads, meaning the cut that the brokerage gets from each transaction. The scammers advertise low spreads that lead investors to overlook any suspicions. They also offer higher leverage than a legitimate brokerage can legally provide. This appeals to new investors looking to make quick profits.

Regardless of how the scammers trapped their victims, Titan Fund Recovery helps them get their money back. Chargebacks are typically the most effective method for online investment scams, although simply contacting the scam brokerage from a position of authority is sometimes enough.

Banking Fraud

Many scams focus on getting access to victims’ bank accounts. Whether the scammers use phishing techniques, malware, or other social engineering methods, they make illegitimate transactions once they have the details. Titan Fund Recovery’s chargeback and wire transfer recall services can help get money back when your bank account is compromised.

Other Online Fraud

The critical element of online fraud is convincing the victim to send money to the scammer. It doesn’t matter if they pretend to offer investments, a romantic relationship, or extort the victim by claiming to be the police. The end result is that money is sent from the victim to the scammer. Titan Fund Recovery can help recover funds in any of these situations by applying their expertise in the fields of banking, law, and cybersecurity.

Titan Fund Recovery Team Success

How Does Titan Fund Recovery Maintain Such High Standards for Success?

Company does an exceptional job of recovering funds for their clients, but how do they do it? The key here is their ability to identify which cases are going to be successful. If you are the victim of any fraud, you do not want to waste more time pursuing a dead end. Their team’s long experience allows Titan Fund Recovery to evaluate each case during the free consultation and only proceed with claims they know they can win.

Over years of operations, Titan Fund Recovery has refined this process. First, they can identify the critical points in any case that translate directly to success or failure. Then, with the details of your case, their representatives can quickly tell you whether or not your case is likely to succeed. Titan Fund Recovery has no intention of wasting their clients’ time. They are here to help the victims of online scams.

What Our Titan Fund Recovery Review Found

The results of our Titan Fund Recovery review are that this company is among the top choices when it comes to chargeback companies. The company has shown that they get results, don’t waste anybody’s time, and have a comprehensive grasp of their industry.

The transparency shown during the whole process was refreshing. Their representatives were candid about why they need the information they did and how it fits into the overall process. We could feel that we were in the hands of professionals.

We would recommend a free consultation with Titan Fund Recovery for the victims of any type of online fraud.