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101Investing Review 2021: What Are Traders In For?

Jan 15, 2021 , ,

The CySEC regulated broker 101Investing provides online trading in both forex and CFDs. The company that operates the broker is FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. This company first registered for its CySEC license in 2016. In addition to 101Investing, the company also has an alternative broker, the eponymous FXBFI.

Trading With 101Investing

This broker has over 250 total instruments available for their traders, putting them in the same ballpark as other brokers like ETFinance. While the offerings are decent overall, the broker shows a strong focus on CFDs over forex. There are only 45 currency pairs available with the broker. However, their CFD coverage is more remarkable. It includes stocks, commodities, indices, etc. Their cryptocurrency selection is of particular note, with over 20 options.

101Investing Review 2021

Account Types

As a CySEC broker, 101Investing must respect the ESMA’s leverage limit of 1:30. The limit protects inexperienced traders from excessive risk. The broker has three account types, with the base account having a minimum deposit of $250. As traders put down more money to unlock higher accounts, they receive swap discounts and better spreads.

Poor Entry-Level Spreads

Because every progressive account takes more off the spreads, the broker starts them out relatively high at the base account. The EUR/USD spread at the bottom is 2.2 pips, much too high. This improves drastically with higher accounts, going down to about 0.7 pips at the Platinum level. While this sounds impressive, the broker has additional fees that sour their offerings.

Discover How to Recover Your Funds

Choosing a registered broker over an unregistered broker is a good first step, but traders should show further diligence when making their choice. Registered brokers can still act dishonestly towards their clients. If this describes your situation, contact us today, and our representatives will fill you in on how we can help.