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365Trading Review 2021: Binary Options From Not So Long Ago


365Trading was a binary options broker. The broker began operations in 2012 and was among the first binary options brokers to receive a CySEC license. In 2018, the ESMA implemented a complete ban of binary options in an attempt to protect retail investors. Because of this ban, 365Trading has closed its doors for good.

Highly Dangerous Assets – Now Illegal

Investments always carry some risks. However, investing in binary options was far more hazardous than investing in forex or CFDs with a broker like 2Invest. Binary options are illegal almost everywhere, with any remaining brokers operating strictly outside the law. The asset was essentially a bet on which way an asset’s price would go. The trader would get some percentage of the bet winnings, with the broker keeping the rest, similarly to how brokers gain revenue off of spreads. The payout at 365Trading was 85%.

365Trading Review 2021

Overly Simplified Trading Snagged Novice Victims

Binary options brokers used very simplified platforms with far less information than forex or CFD platforms. 365Trading’s platform features large green and red arrows, one for up and one for down. The simplicity of this type of trading drew in countless inexperienced traders. The minimum deposit to open an account was only $100, and the minimum trade size was just $1.

Regulators Let Binary Options Go On Too Long

Binary options were a shockingly scam-like investment. It is surprising that the brokers operated so recently and with such apparent legitimacy. Fidelisco Capital Markets Ltd, the company behind 365Trading, held a CySEC license for six years. Regulators acted too slowly to adequately protect investors.

Get Your Money Out of This Scheme Today

There is no ambiguity with binary options brokers. They are illegal. If you invest money with a binary options broker, you need to get it back while you still can. Contact us today, and our team will act quickly to recover your funds.