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DupliTrade Review 2021: Legit Trading Service or Not?

DupliTrade Broke Review

DupliTrade is a European-approved automatic exchanging software for FX and CryptoCurrency trade. Furthermore, The broker is just a small part with some of the largest and authorized FX brokers worldwide. For instance: AvaTrade, Pepperstone, Fusion Markets, Equiti, AxiTrader, ICMarkets, Etc. In this DupliTrade review, we found out that many past users of the broker claim that it’s a scam. But is it really?

Regulated by:CySec
Headquarters Country:Cyprus
Foundation year:2017

However, we’ve decided to review this FX automatic exchange robot and quickly noticed it’s fishy. They took a straightforward approach when they created it. Furthermore, we liked that DupliTrade doesn’t shove videos and ads to your face. Let’s go through some crucial points that DupliTrade offers:

Security Measures and Permits

This auto trading platform is a licensed Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF), regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The license number of the broker is 347/17. However, having this sort of license doesn’t mean the broker can’t scam you.

More info: DT Direct Investment Hub Ltd runs DupliTrade; its official address is 74 ArchiepiskopouMakariou C’, Amaranton Court, 2nd Floor, Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus.

In which countries does the DupliTrade work?

As mentioned above, DupliTrade has its financial regulation from CySEC; Which means they could provide investment tools and services to users from all over the European continent. Furthermore, DupliTrade claims to have regulation for trading in South Africa as well.

What can we deal with DupliTrade?

Today, the broker advises Copy-trading services that allow traders to automatically multiply trades initiated by a dealer with knowledge, who both have widespread exchanging information and have exchanged on various economic markets. 

More info: Copy-trading happens when using processor systems that link brokers, including traders, collectively, with an experienced trader as an emissary.

Furthermore, Copy-trading with DupliTrade permits dealers to “copy” each exchanging action done by a different trader to follow the other trader’s execution. Moreover, this trading service began by discovering an experienced trader that meets the trader’s standards and then adjusting the surroundings of DupliTrade for dealers to start copying operations.

DupliTrade FX Broker

Can we declare DupliTrade Trading Platforms Protected?

First of all, DupliTrade allows a free demo option for thirty days. This account plan presents each trade’s consequence by all the strategy providers accompanied by the client, as executed by the professional’s broker. Users should note that in live accounts, the copied trades depend on the client’s broker, and hence correctness, DupliTrade can’t make these statements.

After joining DupliTrade and accepting login details, customers can link their current copy trading account with their usual retail trading account, frequently via MT4. The broker claims users can then choose the strategy providers they want to copy; compromise on their preferred level of vulnerability before exchanging. Dealers can observe profits and analyze execution live.

Their software is browser-based, so no download is needed. Yet, the broker does not allow a mobile app so far. Furthermore, traders can manually perform orders and adjust the preferred strategy provider’s trades via the MT4 platform. Users can also decide the balance of transactions they wish to copy, e.g., duplicating a hundred percent of the expert’s positions against twenty-five.

Additionally, The program website allows a simulator that enables consumers to test tactics providers’ past administration. Furthermore, selecting a funding price, period, and provider will create a comprehensive report with statistics including repeated P/L and balance with time, total value, and a fair performing provider in the specified simulation.

Feeling that DupliTrade Scam You? We’re here to help

Honestly, a particular problem with FX and the Cryptocurrency trading market today is the offshore Forex brokers; a government authority does not regulate that. If you use an unlicensed broker, then you will end up having problems getting your money back. However, If you are confident that DupliTrade stole your hard-earned capital, you can contact us for real-time assistance and expert analysis.

Is this broker considered regulated?

Indeed, as we mentioned above, DupliTrade is regulated by CySec, and has full permission to give it services to the European Union.

Is DupliTrade trading tools and platform Legit?

Well since their users practice mostly the common MetaTrader, plus, their developed web-based platform is decent.

Can you truly say my money is safe with DupliTrade?

Nothing is truly safe or promised to profit, who-ever promises you such things probably wants to scam you, or trap you with high fees.