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Infinitrade Review 2020 – An Unregulated Broker with Little to Offer

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Infinitrade Review

Most investors would be wise to pass over Infinitrade. They aren’t under the jurisdiction of any regulating body. So, investors would be committing a significant minimum deposit to a broker with no oversight. The firm also doesn’t support MetaTrader 4. Investing with Infinitrade could put you at a considerable risk of losing your funds without any notable upsides.

Claims of Registration Refuted by Regulating Body

Infinitrade is an unregulated broker. There are no investor protections in place and no regulatory body to mediate between investors and Infinitrade. Investors leave themselves open to considerable risk when trading with unregulated brokers like Infinitrade and AG Markets. Regulatory authorities mandate that brokers provide insurance on investors’ accounts up to specific amounts, providing a safety net if the broker collapses.

Infinitrade is the operating name of A&E Products Ltd. The company operates out of the Marshall Islands, a popular tax haven. Payments to Inifinitrade go through a separate company that also bears the name A&E Products Ltd. This payment processor is in Bulgaria. So, this strange organization is highly irregular and a good reason to be wary of this broker.

Infinitrade Trading Bonuses Unlikely to Bear Fruit

Infinitrade – Mediocre Spreads Offered at High Leverage

Trading with Infinitrade requires a truly obscene minimum deposit of 2,500 USD. This is at least ten times what most brokers require. Handing this amount of money over to an unregulated broker would be a significant misstep. Many regulated brokers don’t even need a minimum deposit; there’s no viable reason to go with Infinitrade.

Infinitrade does not allow traders access to MetaTrader 4, the most widely used trading platform. Instead, they use an in-browser trading platform. This platform lacks many features that are standard at most brokers and cannot compete with MetaTrader 4.

Infinitrade Trading Bonuses Unlikely to Bear Fruit

Infinitrade has over 40 forex pairs available, a wider variety than comparable brokers. They have CFDs available on a standard range of assets, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. They offer a very high leverage of 1:400, much more than inexperienced traders should be able to access. Inifitrade offers new members trading bonuses on initial deposits. The bonus has to be traded at least 40 times before withdrawal. On CFDs and forex pairs, it’s unlikely that a new trader would have anything left after 40 trades.

Recourse Against Unregulated Brokers Can Be Difficult

If a firm has lured you into making high-leverage trades that you didn’t fully understand, you might be able to recover some or all of your funds. Our team has the experience necessary to explore every option when dealing with unregulated brokers. Please tell us the details of your situation, and we’ll get back to you with your potential prospects.