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LeaderFinancing Review 2023 – Facts About

LeaderFinancing Review

LeaderFinancing advertises as a brand with over 15 years of experience in the financial market and with over 170 countries where they serve. In reality, their website is not older than a few months, and their company is not regulated.

This detailed LeaderFinancing review will give you an insight into this scam operation. We want you to be careful when investing money and learn how to avoid financial swindlers. Let’s start learning.

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Broker Status:Offshore Scam Broker
Broker Regulation:Unlicensed Forex Provider / No Regulation
Operating Status:Active Forex Trading Scam
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Broker Owner:N/A
Headquarters Country:UK (allegedly)
Foundation Year:2022
Trading Platforms:WebTrader
Mobile Trading:Not Available – only via desktop
Minimum Deposit:250 USD
Deposit Bonus:Available
Crypto Trading:Available – BTC, XRP, LTC
CFD Trading:Yes, you can trade CFDs
Trading Instruments:Cryptocurrencies / Shares / Commodities / Indices / Currency pairs (Forex)
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Islamic Account:Not Available
Demo Account:No, only live trading accounts
Accepts US Clients:US traders are not accepted
Global Fraud Protection Team:Don’t Invest in This Scam Broker!

Is LeaderFinancing a Forex and Crypto Trading Scam?

LeaderFinancing provided us with some obscure information about their legitimacy – 15+ years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Of course, they added an address in the UK to increase its credibility.

All this is worthless without a license. If a company is not regulated in your jurisdiction, you cannot count on the support of the Financial Ombudsman or a compensation fund. Hence, we checked about the LeaderFinancing regulation. Are your funds safe?

Simply put, no. The company didn’t disclose its owner, and we don’t have a single legal document to point us toward a legal jurisdiction. The brokerage under the name LeaderFinancing doesn’t exist in the register of the UK FCA, but also other Tier 1 authorities such as ASIC, BaFin, CONSOB, etc.

If you have any information about this scam broker and its operations, we urge you to share it with us. Your story can help us pressure the authorities to react and ban fraud.

LeaderFinancing advertises itself as a leading crypto and Forex brokerage. In reality, this company falsely claims to be UK-based and has no authorization from the FCA or any other regulator for its activities.

Where Is LeaderFinancing Broker Scam Active?

LeaderFinancing broker has been active since the 4th of October, 2022. This was when their website entered the GoDaddy WHOIS database.

According to our research, the majority of victims come from:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • UK

Since there are no official regulatory warnings at the time of writing this review, your story can be the one to affect authorities’ reactions.

In addition to the above, we recommend that you avoid unregulated brokers, such as CeloMarkets, Adar Capital or MountainWolf.

What Trading Platforms Are Available? – Trading Software

LeaderFinancing Trading Platform Interface

The LeaderFinancing trading platform is advertised as award-winning trading software on the main page. Then, in the section describing the platform, we see it’s a basic WebTrader. However, once we wanted to test it, we were unable even to open an account.

The brokerage allows registration, but the account needs official approval from the employees before any feature is available. Hence, we cannot be sure if there’s any browser-based software at all and what type of it.

On the other hand, we know for sure that LeaderFinancing doesn’t offer access to third-party software such as MT4, MT5, or cTrader, all more reputable than any WebTrader you’ll find.

LeaderFinancing Mobile App – Can I Download It?

There’s a link allegedly leading to Android and iOS mobile apps. However, once you click on it, you will be redirected to a crypto wallet called Exodus. This is a reputable crypto wallet, and we highly doubt it’s related to LeaderFinancing.

In fact, we believe the broker will lead you to purchase crypto through the wallet, then transfer it into their own hands. 

We found links for AnyDesk and TeamViewer, remote access apps to prove this claim. Once you allow brokerage access to any of your devices, desktop or mobile, they can go through everything you have, including online banking and crypto wallets, and transfer funds without your consent.

What Can I Trade With a MarketsBank Broker?

The company lists the following tradable assets:

  • Forex (Currency pairs) such as EUR/USD, GBP/NOK, AUD/SEK
  • Cryptos (Cryptocurrencies) such as BTC, BCH or stablecoin USDT
  • Commodities – gold, silver, natural gas
  • Indices – DJIA, DAX 30, NIKKEI 225
  • Shares – Amazon, Alibaba, Intel

Note that without platform access, we are forced to trust the website.

Overview of Trading Accounts – What Do They Offer?

LeaderFinancing Trading Accounts

Customers can choose from one of the four LeaderFinancing trading accounts:

  • Bronze – $10,000
  • Silver – $25,000
  • Gold – $50,000
  • Premium – $100,000

Each account brings more perks, such as VIP trading signals, higher leverage, and guiding sessions. However, none of the trading terms, such as leverage, are clearly displayed, only vaguely mentioned.

The minimum deposit is $250, but you get no benefits until you upgrade to the Bronze account. Scam brokers often use this trick to pressure you to deposit more before understanding that you’re falling into a trap.

Can I Trade With a LeaderFinancing Demo Account?

As we already mentioned, our account was pending approval. Therefore, we weren’t able to access the platform or the LeaderFinancing Demo account.

Since the web page doesn’t mention existing of a risk-free account, we’ll take it as a no. Instead of being able to test the system, you can only deposit the money first, then try investing. And this is when you will understand that you’ve fallen into the hands of a scammer and that going out will require legal aid.

How to Withdraw Your Profit From a LeaderFinancing Account?

LeaderFinancing withdrawal requests can be processed using the following payment methods:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Crypto wallet

The company says there are limits to your withdrawals without going into detail. The withdrawal is typically processed within 1-3 business days with no fees.

All this sounds legit until you read LeaderFinancing reviews and see that the company doesn’t approve your request. Instead, they keep asking for various fictitious identity verification documents, which can go on for weeks, even months. If you cannot get the money back, it’s time to get help.

I Was a Victim of a LeaderFinancing Scam, Can I Get a Refund?

To sum up, LeaderFinancing is an experienced scam in the market. If you fall for their story, you shouldn’t beat yourself too hard. However, you should contact Global Fraud Protection and try to fix the situation before it becomes worse.

Our CipherTrace analysts can help you follow your crypto transactions and discover where your digital coins currently are. Additionally, we can help you submit a dispute for a chargeback for any card transaction within up to 540 days. From there, you can initiate legal action for a refund.

Time is of the essence, so let’s not waste it. Book a free consultation now!

All In All, Don’t Let the Scammers Get Away for Free!

FAQ Section:

Is LeaderFinancing a Legit Broker and Should I Invest In It?

LeaderFinancing is an online trading fraud without a license. If you invested your money and cannot get it back, allow us to help with a refund procedure.

What Is the LeaderFinancing Minimum Deposit?

Broker LeaderFinancing requires a minimum of $250 that brings no benefits but only account registration.

Does LeaderFinancing Offer a Demo Account?

LeaderFinancing doesn’t offer a Demo account or even a platform overview.