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NextMarkets Review 2021: Is This Forex Broker Legit or Scam?

Feb 2, 2021 ,
Next Markets

NextMarkets is a CFD FX brokerage located in Malta, with a large-scale dealing commodity range. Furthermore, It presents itself-developed web-based exchanging platform; Which proposes a spread of zero-point-six on the Dollar and Euro pair. However, NextMarkets trading ltd does not report the demanded minimum deposit fee – a red trading flag. NextMarkets allows a leverage of up one-point-thirty, which is not astonishing since any European broker is required to operate with the latest regulation from August 2018. Furthermore, positing maximum leverage of one-point-thirty. 

We’ve decided to fully focus this article with our most recent finding about NextMarkets while trying to obtain the most relevant bits of info. Furthermore, All the ups and downs, does it worth a shot? and most importantly, Is this Forex broker legit or scam? let’s find out:

Regulation and Security Measures

When examining FX brokers that deal with CFDs, it is crucial to verify that the broker has an existing permit in your country. Many scam brokers online do not possess a so-called trading license. And some of them don’t mind violating financial rules as they own this license. By now, we’ve received many complaints concerning these intermediaries.

However, NextMarkets Trading LTD operates with a license and is regulated by the MFSA, with C 77603 (clarification number.) NextMarkets Limited is a supplement of NextMarkets GmbHm; it has its main office in Cologne, Germany.

Most importantly, to profit from working with a regulated firm is knowing that you can trust the company with your deposits and earnings. Furthermore, a broker approved by MFSA must hold their client’s funds in a separate banking account and exchanging accounts guaranteed for up to twenty-thousand EUR. Moreover, there are procedures in place if you have a complaint or problem with the broker. Such as a support center that seems to act appropriately.

NextMarkets Broker

In which countries does this broker operate?

As mentioned above, Malta is part of the European Union, and regulators in Malta considered it legitimate. It means the Authority’s remit extends to all areas of financial services activity. NextMarkets also presents clients with a program with balance protection; Which indicates that customers guarantee that their funds loss cannot be more meaningful than the primary deposit.

What can you trade with them?

NextMarkets provides CFD dealing approximately one thousand primary assets. Traders should anticipate getting up to one-hundred trading opinions once every month. Furthermore, it is too much data to understand. Additionally, trading pieces of advice are sent to the user’s mobile-based platform or on the desktop exchanging platform.

Is Their Trading Platform Secured?

NextMarkets propose a self-developed web-based trading platform that is very plain, okay to use, and straightforward. However, both platforms provide the same range of trades and charting accessories to smooth access to all the FX market’s various assets. Furthermore, NextMarkets introduces numerous technical signs and an automated program; Which makes it achievable for dealers to quickly learn the in-house studies and profit from these ideas and tactics. Additionally, the broker gives clients the possibility to trade alone, suggesting available mobile exchanging apps for all mobile devices.

If you have already fallen into the hands of a scammer what to do?

We’ve done this NextMarket review because it is vital to choose the right broker to deal with. Furthermore, Determining the most suitable broker can sometimes lead to significant losses. Are you having issues deciding? Do you believe Nextmarkets deceived you? Feel free to contact our professional team for additional guidance.

Is NextMarkets trading good?

From our observation on NextMarkets, we can’t hundred percent establish that they can make anyone profit from trading with them. However, they provide fair tools for trading.

Is NextMarkets trading Legit?

Even though this company is regulated by MFSA and seems legit, like many other scam brokers, they can always pay sort of “ransom” to release problems with the regulators.

Is my money safe with NextMarkets?

This is a yes and no combined answer, you can always try to open a trading account with regulated brokers, but the FX market is ever-changing, and you should deal with it with knowledge, risk and caution.