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Solid Invest Review 2021 – Stay Away From This Scam Broker

Mar 12, 2021
Solid Invest Broker Review

Read our detailed Solid Invest review and find out why all the major regulators listed Solid invest as a scam. Who is this broker and how it operates? How did it get listed as a scam all around the world?

Answer to this and all the other relevant questions you can find in our review.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:No Regulation
Blacklisted as a Scam by:FCA (UK), FSMA (Belgium) Regulators
Broker Owner:Capital Letter
Headquarters Country:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Foundation year:2020
Supported Platforms:Web Trader
Minimum Deposit:$1000
Types of Assets:Forex (FX), CFDs, Shares, Indicies, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities

Solid Invest Regulation and Security

Solid invest is a brand owned by the infamous Capital Letter. This company has many scam brands such as Gfxcrypto, Pibexa and BrightFinance.

Broker represents itself to be from Germany, which is why Solid Invest also offers its clients support number from Germany. However, the truth is that Capital Invest itself is registered in the Marshall Islands. Too much controversy in one place.

When it comes to funds security, you have no guarantee whatsoever with this broker and other unregulated brokers such as TraderKing or Royal C Bank.

Scam Warnings From Financial Regulators

When it comes to Solid Invest, it seems that warnings are endless.

The UK FCA listed Solid Invest as a scam broker on its list and advised its citizens not to accept any offers from this broker.

Belgium FSMA issued the same warning listing Solid Invest as a scam broker.

Italian CONSOB joined the list of regulators issuing a warning against this broker, warning Italians not to trust this company.

Even a professional risk management agency issued a warning on this broker.

In which countries does this broker work?

Solid Invest broker does not have a specific list of countries it’s operating in. Since the broker does not have any regulations, it should be forbidden to conduct financial services anywhere.

Based on many reviews of its clients, we can tell that there are no limits to the scam this broker is conducting. Clients are coming from anywhere around the globe. If you ever get an offer from this broker, or any brokers related to it (listed in the article above), we strongly advise you not to accept it!

Solid Invest Platform

Solid Invest Trading Platform

Broker offers its clients only a Web Trader. This is unusual because any serious broker offers either an MT4 or MT5 trading platform. However, this would not be such an issue if this web trader worked properly. It looks unprofessional and it works dysfunctional.

Web trader has many delays, which cannot be allowed in this type of business. When it comes to money, everything has to be perfect. Seems that nobody told that to Solid Invest.

Another bad thing is that they claim they provide low spread, but when you open the web trader, you see something completely else. It can happen that the client doesn’t notice this, and get at a loss due to this.

If you have an account with this broker, report any issue that you see!

What can you trade with this broker?

Solid Invest offers its clients trading with currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, and indicies. 

Now comes the worst part – the minimum deposit with this scam broker is 1000$! Without a Demo account, they are simply asking their customers for such a big amount. The deposit can be made only via Praxis Cashier or the wire transfer. Regular payment methods such as credit/debit cards or E-wallets are unavailable.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 100$, but we were unable to determine what is the deadline for the funds to land at the clients’ bank, and what are the fees for withdrawals.

The company is also charging fees for inactive accounts, which is a typical scam!

Scammed by Solid Invest broker? What to do?

If you deposited with this broker, there is a high chance that you got scammed by Solid Invest. For any issues with the platform, funds, or any scams, you can report to us. We would like to hear from you and to help you get your money back.

In order to get your funds back, you need to file a dispute. We are here to help. Contact us today!

Do not let this scam broker get away free!

What is Solid Invest?

Solid Invest is a company owned by Capital Letters. It’s an unregulated online trading broker.

Is Solid Invest regulated?

No. This broker is registered offshore and does not have any licenses or regulations for the business.

Where is Solid Invest located?

Solid Invest is an offshore broker located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Is my money safe with Solid Invest?

Absolutely not! This broker has no regulation; therefore, you have no guarantees about your funds.

Is Solid Invest safe?

No! This is an offshore broker without a license, and it is not safe to trade with!