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Tradeo Review 2021: Scam Broker or Legit?

Feb 4, 2021 ,
Tradeo Broker Review

UR Trade Fix LTD in charge of operations. UR Trade FIX LTD is a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) controlled and regulated by (CySEC). It accommodates permit number 282/15, and the company registration number is HE336677. However, UR Trade Fix LTD is a portion of a holding organization – Tradeo ST PTE LTD, listed in Singapore with the certification number 201728941H.

Regulated by: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Headquarters Country:Cyprus
Foundation year:2011

We’ve decided to write about this specific regulated broker because it has a sort of negative spotlight on Global Tradeo for various complaints about their investment services. In this article we’ll show all our findings, including the positive and negative aspects of using Tradeo investment services.

More Info About Regulation and Security

The broker is obedient to the laws and regulative status of Cyprus and under the European Union. Furthermore, it includes the MiFID; It has remained in effect since early 2007. However, at the beginning of the year, 2018, Tradeo attached the MiFID II/MiFIR state. It also consists of the fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive established in June of two-thousand and fifteen. UR Trade Fix LTD published the Pillar III Revealings on their official website with a section dedicated to clients’ compensation reserves in case of wrongdoing.

Supported countries by the broker

As mentioned above, Tradeo has its financial regulation from CySEC, which means they could provide investment tools and services to users from all over the European continent. Furthermore, Tradeo claims to have regulation for trading in South Africa as well.

Tradeo Broker Review

What can you trade with Tradeo?

To this day, this broker holds a decent platform with over one-hundred Assets for trading. Furthermore, the assets obtainable on Tradeo include CFDs, FX, and of course – Social Trading. Moreover, Tradeo exchanges in various financial asset sorts. Let’s make some order: An asset in financial expense is any contract or purchase, physical or vague, with an industrial value attached. Thus, it means that Forex, CFDs, Social Trading are considered financial assets.

Is the Tradeo Trading Platform Safe For Use?

Please remember, exchanging online tends to be very risky as any different kind of gambling sort. Furthermore, it is essential to know and research the broker you wish to deal with, like any other investment. Moreover, trading financial assets with Tradeo: Forex trading, dealing with CFDs, and Social trading; you always have to do your research and study the field before investing.

There was a time, Tradeo was bootlegging its platform – “Tradeo Z.” However, as we write this review, news about that established platform grew uncommon. Thus, Tradeo goes with the MT4 platform, commonly known and used.

Additionally, the Tradeo Z Web Platform appears provided with an attitude indicator; the broker refers to this as the “Wisdom of the Crowd.” Furthermore, this indicator only considers trades taken in their Tradeo Z Web Platform. But most importantly, our readers should view it with a substantial level of uncertainty.

Problems Withdrawing Funds

The firm also states that it doesn’t require any fees on trading. Furthermore, the broker claiming the spreads begin with zero-point-nine pip; and expand on the liquidity. This broker swap fees are relevant on late positions.

Tradeo Withdrawals meet various fee ranges, which depend on the amount inquired and the payment style applied. Yet, the fee structure starts at 15/EUR/USD/GBP on credit card withdrawals. And 30/EUR/USD/GBP on bank wires less than 10,000/EUR/USD/GBP. However, Tradeo charged zero-point-thirty percent of the total amount on withdrawals above ten-thousand.

However, there are various adverse reports and Tradeo reviews across the web; With furious past customers who claim the broker refused to process the withdrawal request they’ve submitted on their trading account. Furthermore, they state the agents that were assigned to them were charging different fees without explanation and pushing clients to deposit more and more money aggressively.

Relevant Solutions To Financial Scams

Remember, owning a reliable and proficient broker is crucial to your progress in Forex online trading. Furthermore, always double-check that your broker is not fraudulent or misleading to dodge losing your deposit and investments. Moreover, secure that your requirements fit your broker’s biography too.

If you truly believe that you got scammed, we’re certain you could use our professional aid, feel free to contact us today, to receive a free consultation call regarding your situation.

Is the Tradeo trading process good?

It is pretty hard to conclude, on one hand we have fair trading tools and assets range offered by Tradeo. On the other hand, as we mentioned before, the broker has quite a lot of complaints.

Is regulated?

Yes, Tradeo aka Global Tradeo is regulated by CySEC, and with the regulator in South Africa. However, they have no regulations from the FCA.

Is Tradeo trading tools Legit?

Seemingly legit, as Tradeo uses the standard MetaTrader 4, and it’s desktop-based platform works decently.

Is my money safe with Tradeo?

Same as the first question, it is hard to stamp a final decision about this section. However, we strongly recommend to check other broker and more sources about dealing with Tradeo.