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Xtrend Review 2021: Is It Safe to Trade With Them?

Feb 5, 2021 ,
Xtrend Broker Review

Organized in 2016, Xtrend kept and administered by ‘Rynat Trading Limited’ with a registered office and correspondence location in Cyprus. Furthermore, it holds a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number HE344135. Rynat Trading Ltd also maintains the brand – XBulls. 

For this article, we’ve searched the in and out of this regulated – Xtrend. The broker seems to act fairly. However, disturbing reports state this company is an investment fraudulent operation that scammed these individuals from their online capital. Let’s find out if any of it is legit upon Xtrend and if it is really safe as the broker claims.

Regulated by:CySEC
Headquarters Country:Cyprus
Foundation year:2016

Regulation and Security

The governing conditions in Cyprus are relatively stable and present meaningful guarantees to consumers of sectional regulated firms. The country’s FX brokerages have to be authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) or a related EU financial regulator and adhere to several stringent laws. These laws cover:

  • Particular capital sufficiency requirements.
  • Exclusion of clients’ funds.
  • Summarizing transactions frequently.
  • Terms of negative balance security and return scheme coverage (to a maximum sum of twenty-thousand euros).

In which countries does the broker operate?

With the information about the regulative state of Xtrend above, the fact that they have an active CySEC permit allows the broker to extend its financial FX services throughout the European region. However some disturbing reports for past clients from the UK claim the company traded with them. Even after the cryptocurrency exchange ban. Therefore, It is certainly a red warning to begin with.

What can you deal with Xtrend?

The broker’s investment tools or trading commodities are allowed through commonly used CFDs (Contract for Difference type). That’s allowing vast elastic opportunities on value gambling without separate possession of an asset. 

  1. Xtrend Common CFDs allow dealing worldwide on the most traded shares– Apple, JP Morgan, Google, Nike, IBM, Etc. With a five percent Initial Margin. 
  2. FX Trading covers the most traditional foreign currency pairs – Euro/Dollar, etc. 
  3. Cryptocurrencies Pairs Xtrend exchanging method presented over fifty leveraged FX pairs with leverage of one-to-four-hundred. 
  4. Commodity CFDs – The agreement worth of one Commodity CFD matches the value requested in the commodity’s currency. If CFDs on gold are exchanged at one-thousand-dollars, it means one ounce of gold value is one-thousand-two-hundred.
Xtrend Review

Can We Trust The Trading Platform?

As for today, users are dealing with Xtrend solely via mobile phones. The broker has expanded its mobile exchanging apps with young traders in mind. While those apps are user-friendly and well functional, we bet some traders miss the option of MetaTrader4 and five and deal with all the features of an industry-leading desktop-based platform.

The MetaTrader4 is favored by most dealers, novices, and professionals equally because it provides a comprehensive trading environment with high functionality. The software is light, fast, easy to use, and reliable. Furthermore, it offered decent charting and recommended for the support of Specialist Advisors – automated dealing bots.

If you have a complaint on Xtrend broker, please let us know

With our Xtrend review, the overall impression is that the broker brings stable and reliable trade conditions. Their contribution maintains a fixed spread with low fees, a fair online-based platform, and available trading instruments difference.

As a regulated broker, Xtrend obeys the strict rules of the client’s security and the stocks’ security and safe trading conditions. Also Xtrend advertises their traders by various means, from decent support to small fees on money transactions and publicly approved methods.

However, we know that many regulated brokers might go rogue on their clients. We would be delighted to hear about your peculiar experiences with regulated and unregulated brokers when you’re caught up in a scam; like many reports about Xtrend, please contact our team of experts that might help you.

Is Xtrend trading tools good?

Our study finds Xtrend trading tools to be fair, and standard for the FX market, we suggest people to check other brokerage tools as well.

Is Xtrend trading Legit?

It is uncertain to state for 100% if their service is fully legit, but it seems as if it is. However, some reports online claim the difference. Additionally, we can’t conclude if they scam or not.

Is my money safe with Xtrend?

Nothing is really safe in the ever-changing FX market, as we mentioned before, it is sort of gambling game, you can win some – but most likely you’d lose much.